The bridge

Dear boy, you’re full of humility
Breaking through to tell you this
At times you wish
you had someone to belong to
be unreciprocated or misunderstood words
Interconnected with blood

though they don’t know a thing about you
all they do is elevate the turmoil
you lean on someone
who listens, anyone
You don’t live to the fullest
you don’t live at all
most times, you pinch yourself
to make sure you feel something, anything
you’ve been bruised
you consciously open up their wounds
that’s the only option you got, you think
you don’t like it
nor are you able to seize the moment
you are haunted by the stony words
not that they will ever realise
you are good at hiding emotions
you are fragile and aware
someone at home is crying because of you
It’s stopping you
you wanna traverse
you wanna know what you want
the unworthy and insensible topics
they get discussed, you brawl
the simplest jobs get undone
at parties and club
you swelter with every ticking of the clock
you start reading people’s minds
everyone seems sad and mad
It’s time to go home, lad
There’s a bridge
all are unwilling to take it
but that’s how it all settles.


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