A golden life [I]

This is the first journal that I am publishing over the net, PUBLICLY! It’s because I got so much love and had so much exhilarating experience after long. I don’t share about my life more often. But, today was an exception. I want everyone to have a life I had today. It started from the day to the end of the night, which is now. And, it’s currently 2:42 am at night. I don’t know why but I felt like I had to write this. I couldn’t sleep without finishing this thing. So, here it is. Let me get you started from how it all started.

So, I woke up with a poker face and had my meal. It was 2 pm until my dad comes over to me to ask if I wanted to travel with them (my family). I was basically going through Tumblr at the moment. I asked where we were going. He said it would be far. And, fyi, I like far, long, lengthy and stuff. So, I thought to give it a shot. I got ready finally after changing for the fourth time. I took turns from a tank top, to a frilled T-shirt( which my mom and sis thought suited me, I didn’t think so), to a Denim Jacket, to a simple plain white tee at the end. It’s not that I am simple but the problem is only simple dresses suit me. Anyways, I left with my family.

Oh, did I miss to tell that my brother from another father was coming with us! If I didn’t, then, I am saying it now. Yes, he was a kind man. He was the one who took pics of this fat-face(me) as if she looked like Karlie Kloss. It kinda escalated my confidence. IKR. It’s crazy how it did that. But, it did. But, poor thing, I had to delete most of the pics ’cause they kinda were more like me, and less like Karlie. -_-

Excited about where we went? Somewhere like heaven, somewhere county, somewhere fun, where nature rests, where you don’t find sad faces. It was a place called “Sai Kung”. We took a mini bus and were already thrilled by the travel. The bus’ highest allowed speed was 80km/hr. But, I swear it felt like 120. It was hella mad drive.

It was already 4:20 when we got there and as per the info provided by the locals of the place, the last boat to return from the destination we planned to visit would be at 6pm. So, we didn’t waste a single minute, bought that damn expensive boat tickets for 6 people (don’t get me started who the six people were already). It was a 20 minute long boat ride. That was one jolly ride for me. But, my mom would be holding my bro’s arms with fear. Idk, fear of what! Chill, mom! I must say, when the boats joggle, it’s twice the fun. The ride left us at an island, a beach!! Yay!! Not really! Nay, ’cause we got no bathing suits. -_- What a waste!
tbc **Sleep is coming**


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