Is this how heaven looks like!!

Bitter sweet feeling

Short tempered anger

Long lived disappointment

Pissed off friends

Long list of lovers

Mental harassment

Perfect family portrait

Sound work

More time for oneself

No more chase

Hell go the drama

No more teachers

None to command you

You are the boss

You don’t talk much

Nor you sleep

You counter count to go for office

Coz you just got too much time for yourself

You suffocate in those tight ties

You hallucinate

You see heaven

Like how you have been told

A little blurry

A little more profound

More like a garden full of roses

Unlike in earth

no thorns

Just petals

Petals full of red

The clearer I see the vision

the redder the blood spills

out of my mouth

Until I find

I am in Heaven.


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