To the ones I’m leaving behind

Why are the flowers, withered

yet so charming

Why is it that your year long enemy

is not a bad person to you now

Why is it that people are sad

I don’t see a solid reason

Everything is so graceful

full of life

I would fall for the shells

entrapped in the sand by the sea

I would happily walk on the heated marble

The breeze never bothered

I sway with the rhythm of the wind

I am blissful

My family, my life

My twins and my wife

I throw my hands up in the air

Run towards the sea shore

A little my heart skips

Afraid of the tides

More liking it

I am liking that scary feeling

I wish I had more time

Maybe time moved slow

Or maybe I could just somehow

Do more of this

A little different

A little scarier

A little daring

A little something

I could be proud of

A little more like life

A little with them

A little with me

A little more time

I am so in love

with this thing called life

In just a little time

I cherished

In just a little time

I will turn into ashes

Don’t you ever grow up

My kids

For my wife

I am sorry to leave it all on you

For I am helpless

Hopeless against time.


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