Capricious as in fickle heart

At night I wish I could be a song
to wipe away all of the tears
of the lonely parents
Broken hearted singles
I wish to be a president
I can’t stand people
ragged cloth, sleeping like a dog

I wish they were dogs sometimes
At least people pamper ’em
Forget about their own species
I get depressed on how
so much could be done.
When I wake up
I wish I was born rich
I would get rid of early morning backaches
The bed, it’s harder
Nothing less like bricks
Sticks and stones don’t break my bones
‘Cause I wished to be a Wonder Woman
I wish to fly
Antarctic to Arctic
Nothing to keep me caged
than my mom’s food
Which I wouldn’t trade
for anything in the world
I wish to have a normal life sometimes
’cause nothing comes easy
and Normality is an understatement.


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