The kill

They drag me down the alley
It’s raining cats and dogs
Remember, I am half-dead
I am cut
they take out a bean-shaped thingy
Followed by something spongy
Then goes my eyes
I can feel them
keeping their hands
inside of me

I am open up
I feel millions of bacteria
all over me
so suddenly
yet, I am helpless
’cause I am half alive
Next morning
I wake up
I am blind
I catch whatever fatal object I find
Something I could use to kill
I pluck my arm
It came out easy
Right hand grabbing the left
I begin to attack
I can hear
One enemy over
The second
And then the third
Bad luck
they hit with the bullet
I suffocate with pain
I try to move fiercely
It couldn’t be this real
I am on bed
When I found me
whirling like a moving washing machine.


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