Things I hate about life

I hate it when
one has to go through all the sufferings
to understand a true bliss
Why suffer in the first place.
I hate when people struggle
like every single day
There must be an easy way around.
But ”hard way is a good way” kinda impression
is set on our minds

I hate when
one understands life’s 101 emotions
or at least has no choice than to feel them
Why know them in the first place
Life’s like this invincible pool
full of anger, love, kindness, hatred, cold wars
Which we fall into accidentally
Not knowing why
Limbs paralysed with thoughts
doubting your abilities
You try to wake up from the dream
yet, there’s this game you’re on
Do I even need to know all this
If yes, I don’t want to
While ignorance is a bliss
Ask a 4-year old
What is happiness
He would say,
Seeing my mother happy
Or maybe
Going at grandpas on weekends
and eating mousse cake with coffee ice cream
That’s what life should look like
Though I sometimes hate
when I compare myself to a kid
then there’s this life
Tapping you on the shoulder
To say, “Hello, I exist”
In case you tried to run away from it
And I already had enough of it
And there’s Einstein
That old fellow knew just too much
Then again, I love
the fact I am alive
To feel
Having to know life
Wanting never to die
Got 101 things to do before I die
Guess I am too used to experimenting life
Want to rest in peace
when I get to say
“it’s been like forever on Earth.”
But only if life turned out the way we expected
Or maybe I am just over-thinking, yet again.


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