What I want

Once had this intellectual conversation

A wise man, so confident

said he, saw himself only as a doctor

I believed

Why wouldn’t I

I was a failure

looking for motivation

with no determination

believing in comparison

I tried science

I failed

Arts, I was not good enough

Psychology, am I an idiot!

History, I think I have ADHD

I am 28

Not sure of what I want

This lady claims

she is crazy for Sports

Sport’s that, sport’s this

that and this, that and this

I spent most of my life

seeking for passion

while the fire within in me had died

There comes a man from past

in a bright giant time-machine

says he will give me a chance

Without a thought

I jump in to 10 years back

What a dreadful nightmare

I want nothing more

I maybe passion-less

but I am not motion-less

I now know what I want

while I am writing this on the paper

with my shiny golden pen

I want for my life

is to earn happiness

to write as long as I can

and never to regret the ‘regrets’

‘cause they happen.


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