In this freezing cold weather
I tune in to Novo Amor
The day is gloomy
I am tucked into warm bed
that I can barely move
This song is my hope
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Capricious as in fickle heart

At night I wish I could be a song
to wipe away all of the tears
of the lonely parents
Broken hearted singles
I wish to be a president
I can’t stand people
ragged cloth, sleeping like a dog

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Is this how heaven looks like!!

Bitter sweet feeling

Short tempered anger

Long lived disappointment

Pissed off friends

Long list of lovers

Mental harassment

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A golden life [I]

This is the first journal that I am publishing over the net, PUBLICLY! It’s because I got so much love and had so much exhilarating experience after long. I don’t share about my life more often. But, today was an exception. I want everyone to have a life I had today. It started from the day to the end of the night, which is now. And, it’s currently 2:42 am at night. I don’t know why but I felt like I had to write this. I couldn’t sleep without finishing this thing. So, here it is. Let me get you started from how it all started.

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Love story of Mercury and Neptune

One was fire, the other, ice;
Between them, laid six great liars;
You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours;
That’s how they found all the cures.

She gets angry, he cools her down;
For which the six sisters frown;
For no matter, how harder they try;

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I guess I’m happy

A sight startled my mind;
Big lumps of flesh swinging from her body;
She used a toilet brush to reach every wynd,
For them, she’s nobody;
But, for few, she meant everything.

She slides down the stairs;
‘cause she can’t walk, I’m afraid;
The wheel chair broke, she bursts in tears;
“Make me slimmer”, that’s all she ever wanted;
That incident gave her a whirl.

Dear girl, you don’t know what to expect;
You reserved two seats to get on a plane;
Her mind is distracted, soul’s wrecked;
She left to find solution to this pain;
She wanna dance, she wanna twirl.

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