Why I gave up writing

Writing is fun and addictive to some point. The act of writing gives you the contentment of being heard if not, respected. It is in itself an irreplaceable treasure. A gift for you to yourself. For me, it is one of the reasons to keep me going through the bitter phases of life.
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A golden life [I]

This is the first journal that I am publishing over the net, PUBLICLY! It’s because I got so much love and had so much exhilarating experience after long. I don’t share about my life more often. But, today was an exception. I want everyone to have a life I had today. It started from the day to the end of the night, which is now. And, it’s currently 2:42 am at night. I don’t know why but I felt like I had to write this. I couldn’t sleep without finishing this thing. So, here it is. Let me get you started from how it all started.

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