To the ones I’m leaving behind

Why are the flowers, withered

yet so charming

Why is it that your year long enemy

is not a bad person to you now

Why is it that people are sad

I don’t see a solid reason

Everything is so graceful

full of life

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I guess I’m happy

A sight startled my mind;
Big lumps of flesh swinging from her body;
She used a toilet brush to reach every wynd,
For them, she’s nobody;
But, for few, she meant everything.

She slides down the stairs;
‘cause she can’t walk, I’m afraid;
The wheel chair broke, she bursts in tears;
“Make me slimmer”, that’s all she ever wanted;
That incident gave her a whirl.

Dear girl, you don’t know what to expect;
You reserved two seats to get on a plane;
Her mind is distracted, soul’s wrecked;
She left to find solution to this pain;
She wanna dance, she wanna twirl.

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