Things I hate about life

I hate it when
one has to go through all the sufferings
to understand a true bliss
Why suffer in the first place.
I hate when people struggle
like every single day
There must be an easy way around.
But ”hard way is a good way” kinda impression
is set on our minds

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Capricious as in fickle heart

At night I wish I could be a song
to wipe away all of the tears
of the lonely parents
Broken hearted singles
I wish to be a president
I can’t stand people
ragged cloth, sleeping like a dog

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Can’t take my eyes off of you

Scared of losing breath before seeing you;
as you won’t come across me anymore;
I can’t fail to remember you;
How could I!
Tell me how I shall console my heart.

Can’t take my eyes off of you;
“You”, is where they wanna rest.

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