Capricious as in fickle heart

At night I wish I could be a song
to wipe away all of the tears
of the lonely parents
Broken hearted singles
I wish to be a president
I can’t stand people
ragged cloth, sleeping like a dog

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To the ones I’m leaving behind

Why are the flowers, withered

yet so charming

Why is it that your year long enemy

is not a bad person to you now

Why is it that people are sad

I don’t see a solid reason

Everything is so graceful

full of life

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Is this how heaven looks like!!

Bitter sweet feeling

Short tempered anger

Long lived disappointment

Pissed off friends

Long list of lovers

Mental harassment

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The bridge

Dear boy, you’re full of humility
Breaking through to tell you this
At times you wish
you had someone to belong to
be unreciprocated or misunderstood words
Interconnected with blood

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I guess I’m happy

A sight startled my mind;
Big lumps of flesh swinging from her body;
She used a toilet brush to reach every wynd,
For them, she’s nobody;
But, for few, she meant everything.

She slides down the stairs;
‘cause she can’t walk, I’m afraid;
The wheel chair broke, she bursts in tears;
“Make me slimmer”, that’s all she ever wanted;
That incident gave her a whirl.

Dear girl, you don’t know what to expect;
You reserved two seats to get on a plane;
Her mind is distracted, soul’s wrecked;
She left to find solution to this pain;
She wanna dance, she wanna twirl.

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Can’t take my eyes off of you

Scared of losing breath before seeing you;
as you won’t come across me anymore;
I can’t fail to remember you;
How could I!
Tell me how I shall console my heart.

Can’t take my eyes off of you;
“You”, is where they wanna rest.

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