Ola, Namaste, Welcome!!

Hello visitor, I don’t know what to put here but you are most welcome to my blog. I am an amateur writer and I’m open to criticisms. You can try “Magic Search” on the sidebar if you are looking for articles with specified words or phrases and you may find the “Top Posts” and “Recent Posts” useful too.

There are times when I have this sudden urge to find something, be it music or a piece of writing that relates to the situations I’m going through. While it’s hard to find the exact remedy online or in books, I write and I re-read my works and I find peace with myself. I am self-reliant.

And, there are times when my mind reaches the peak of imagination and builds up characters. Some characters who I wish I was and some who I wish were included in my life, some stories I fancy (romantic, psychology, etc.), some might have happened in someone’s life at some point of time or something which are probably impossible in real such as fiction. And, that’s kinda how and why I write.😅😀

I love writing. I love to play with words, minds, imaginations. Just a girl trying to find a place in this world! Music and food are bae. 🙈

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